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Here is what Brynn from The Sassy Magpie Studio & Shoppe has to say about Log Home Body Soap.

I have a little shop on Pelee Island called The Sassy Magpie Studio & Shoppe. I sell items that are handmade, fair trade and organic, with a few vintage & antique items thrown in. And I do carry a full line of Log Home Body Soap. Because of the eclectic nature of my... shoppe, I get a diverse range of folks passing through. They virtually ALL have one thing in common, though. Everyone who comes in the door comments on how lovely the shoppe smells. Fresh and clean is the blended aroma of all the soaps that are on display. Among all the items that I carry, I sell the soap the most. Folks buy them for themselves, for the guest baths in their B&B's and for gifts. I love having Log Home in my shoppe!!
BUG-R-OFF Testimonials

*(NEW) Darlene Clark writes: While attending my niece's outdoor wedding one lady in particular was the big attraction for all the mosquitoes. Her legs had bites and scabs from previous nights out in the fresh air. I gave her "Bug-r-off" to put on her legs, arms & face. Immediately the mosquitoes towards her until about 6" away. They flew away & did not bite her all night. She also commented on how smooth and soft the  "Bug-r-off" mad her skin feel.

*(NEW) Teena Pare-Duchesne writes: I have to say BUG R Off is one of the most amazing products I've ever used. I've used the kids one on kids n adults and every time I pull out the bar people that have used the product rave about it. Anyone who has not used it, raves about it afterward. Great product!

*(NEW) Darlene Clark writes" On Thursday August 1/, 13 my friend from work invited 2 other gals and her 11 year old daughter to a backyard gab fest. She has a pool in her back yard which also attracts mosquitoes. About 8 o'clock 30 mosquitoes converged on us. After we all applied "Bug-r-off" to our face, arms & legs we all laughed how the mosquitoes would get near us & then "Bug-r-off". Not one of us got bitten. I would recommend "Bug-r-off" to all. Anyone I have told has seemed very interested. Keep on inventing Kelly.

Tony Lailer owner of Triple X Baits says: I've used the Bug-R-Off awesome product highly recommend it !!!

Teena Pare-Duchesne says: I used the Bug R Off for kids this weekend ... Phenomenal it worked like a charm and smelled great. I get migraines from different scents and it didn't bother me like bug spray, yes I used it on myself as well lol. Thank you so much

Tonya Russell says: I was at a wedding that was out doors and flies were biting every ones legs. They were using spray and they still were biting I used BUG-R-OFF and they stopped biting me love this stuff.

Niki Mills writes: Bug-R-off works great!!!! I love it!!!!!

Shirley Arseneault writes: Hi Kelly.... I just wanted to let you know that Travis tried the bug spray and loved it. They are working a field that is surrounded by a pond and the bugs are horrible. He said that people noticed the smell in the morning when he got on the bus, and everyone said how good it smelled, (he was wearing the orange one). He a[pplied it to the legs arms face and neck that was visible. He did however get 2 bites where he didn't apply it. Travis said that everyone was applying their own bug spray over and over throughout the day,(and still got tons of bites) but he only applied in the morning before he left and left it in the fridge at home. When he got home he still smelled like it 7 hours later. Today he is trying the other one so we will see how it works out. I just wanted to thankyou again for allowing us to test it for you. He is soo pleased and I'm sure he will want to use this every year from here on out.....Thanks again, Shirley

Alcor North writes: This stuff works great! Bugs think that I am one tasty morsel until I put bug-r-off on. It worked so good my friend "forgot to give it back" the last time I seen her. Lol

Cheryl Harrington writes: This product is awesome went to a wedding. There were black flies that were biting everyone. I applied this product on my girls and I the flies did not even bother us. Yeah Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Log Home Body Soap Testimonials

(New) World Renowned Illusionist & Magician Brian Glow states: "This is my favorite soap in the world - totally 100% natural and I will never use anything else. I recently took a Spearmint shaving bar and Shea Butter hair shampoo bar throughout Europe for three weeks because I knew I would never get anything better, even there! I just placed an order for 30 more bars to give away to my cast and crew."

Bernadette Gervais Greene writes: "AUGUST 8TH...the weekend is coming...you plan on being outdoors but you don't like the whole mosquito thing! Today ♥♥ I AM PROMOTING SAFE PRODUCTS/GREAT PRODUCTS manufactured locally in the County of Essex, Ontario! I introduce to you, the owner, creator plus plus of the business... Kelly Flaming. If you have any questions for Kelly on any of his products...you can ask right here or message him directly. I would think if we are talking about him...he'll check his post for updates.:):)I am quite enjoying some of the soaps Kelly is creating. I'm hearing rave revues in person on the BugerOff, but haven't used myself yet. The mosquito witching hour is usually after my bedtime..:) https://www.facebook.com/LogHomeBodySoap

Tonya Russel writes: I have been using the Acne soap for a week now and let me tell ya things are clearing up big time for me and I love it... I also use the saving soap and wow thats amazing too... thanks for introducing it to me... I love the deodorant too it works wonders.

Holly L writes: I got several different bars of soap..I have as well as my daughter dry skin and the unscented moisturizing baby soap has sure taken care of that. The sweet cherry-almond smells so good and after a shower you feel so refreshed. The Spearmint Swirl is really invigorating and smells good. Here is a tip to all young men and women...if you suffer from acne and oily skin you need to try the ACNE/CLEANSING SOAP. I know acne is a nasty thing to deal with but teenagers and young adults its a fact of life. The Acne Soap sure can help you clear up your acne/skin problems.

Natasha writes: Hey guys! Me and my family come back every weekend to the market and visit you each time! Your products are amazing. Since using your baby soap washing my face, I no longer require medicine to curb my acne. . Thank you!

Janine Lunn writes: Hi Christine, Please tell your husband, since I started using the shampoo bar my hair has grown back!!! NOTHING has worked including these painful injections I have been getting over the last two years. I can’t wait to show ...my doctor in August, when I go back for injections. It has definitely improved my alopecia condition. I am thrilled!!! I have shared it with others that have my condition so he may be getting a few requests for it in the near future.

My parents would like to order 2 shampoo bars, 1 rosemary peppermint bar and 1 body bar that has tea tree in it, any other ingredient is fine, whatever he has. Let me know the total and I will send it to you. My dad has alopecia as well and mom’s hair is thinning due to age so they can’t wait to try it.



Body Butter Testiminials

Jerry Pm writes: I want to tell everyone about a problem I HAD. For years I've spent a fortune on foot creams, lotions...even had some made by a dermatologist for $135.00 for a small jar. Nothing worked to get my dry, flaky skin under control. Then last Saturday at the Downtown Windsor Market, I met the owners of "LOG HOME BODY SOAP" . They not only sell soaps but creams and lotions. After they gave me some to try on my hands, I bought a $10. jar of "True Natural Unscented Whipped Body Butter" cream. Every night I applied it to my feet, toes, heels before bed and put on a pair of socks. Here it is Wednesday morning. I cannot believe the changes in my feet already. They feel like I was a newborn. My skin is soft, smooth and if this continues, my feet will be the best they have been in the last 30 years. Stop by and see them. Everything they sell is ALL NATURAL product and is made at their own shop in Ruscom, Ontario in Essex County. I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to the two owners. I'll be a regular customer with many of their products.

Soap Nuts

Holly L. writes: The Soap Nuts for you laundry well it is just awesome and what a difference in the feel and wear of our clothes. Our bath towels are softer and fluffier. We just love them! All of this and not one chemical to worry about and its all so friendly for the environment!
Thank You So Much
Log Home Body Soaps

Sherry writes: Kelly introduced me to Soap Nuts a few weeks ago. These soap nuts really work! I was leery about them at first, but let me tell you, I will never go back to using laundry detergent or fabric softeners of any sort again. The first time I used them, I kept opening the lid to the washer to see what was happening. No suds. The second time I opened the lid, no suds. The third time the same, so I let it continue the cycle. When I took the clothes out of the washer, they were clean, and felt good. I put the clothes in the dryer not knowing what to expect, whether they going to dry hard or how they were going to smell. I got the surprise of my life to find that everything was softer than when I had used liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets. I do hang a lot of our shirts up to dry and thought the same, they were going to dry hard. But they dried as soft as could be. The biggest surprise was how the denim jeans and towels felt. They were so...ft, and the towels were fluffier! My daughter is using them now, and is also totally committed to them. Stop using detergents full of chemicals and take the natural path to keeping your family healthy.


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