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Log Home Body Soap
Log Home Body Soap

Log Home Body Soap Products produces over 30 several varieties of natural soap for healthier skin and hair. Each of our soaps is strategically formulated, with natural moisturizing factors from organic, natural and botanical ingredients, carefully blended to produce the highest quality soap.

Moreover at Log Home Body Soap we are proud to produce soaps that are not only beneficial to you but also to the planet. Choosing toxin free soaps means causing less damage to the planet and protecting our own individual health.

Pricing & Ordering

Log Home Body Soap bars are $6 each for a 140 gram bar (Shipping & taxes are extra). To order send us an email with your email address, the location you want the product shipped to, along with your product order. We will email you a quote including shipping and taxes. Upon your confirmation we will send you a paypal invoice, once payment is recieved we will ship your product. Only one shipping fee is charge for mutiple products ordered. Products are shipped via Canada Post.

Facial Rejuvenating Soaps

Log Home Body Soap “Facial Rejuvenating Soaps” are truly some of the finest treasures for pampering your skin. The Facial Rejuvenating line up of soaps are formulated to perform with facial mask like action; the enriching vitamin and mineral benefits of the clays, herbs, powders, reduce pore size, tightening the skin plus reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The selection of specific oils in the facial rejuvenating soap formulas contain anti-aging properties, anti-wrinkle properties, provide superior vitamin, essential acid and mineral content, plus  natural moisturizing factors. Benefits from the custom oil and butter formulation include: natural sun protection qualities for your skin, provide deep skin tissue nourishment, stimulate cell renewal, stimulate collagen production, increase the amount of collagen found in the skin, rejuvenate, hydrate &  restore the skins elasticity, helps the skin retain moisture, improves the tone and texture of the skin, plus fight free radicals that damage the skin causing fine lines & wrinkles.


The end results from using Log Home Body Soap “Facial Rejuvenating Soaps” is  soft, radiant, amazing, youthful look to your skin.

Learmore about Facial Rejuvenating Soaps

Intense Moisturizing Soaps

Log Home Body Soap Intense Moisturizing Soaps contain Natural Moisturizing Factors which helps prevent wrinkles and delays the aging process. The combined formulation of ingredients provide skin repairing nurturing factors making skin look younger and feel better. Intense moisturizing soap ingredients provide natural moisturizing factors and phenomenal natural skin care which; penetrate the top layer of skin (the epidermis); nourishes the middle layer (the dermis), contain natural sun protection qualities for your skin, stimulate cell renewal, stimulate collagen production, increase the amount of collagen found in the skin, rejuvenate, hydrate &  restore the skins elasticity, helps the skin retain moisture, fight free radicals (that damage the skin causing fine lines & wrinkles), cleanses your skin naturally without stripping the skins natural oils.

Review our different Intense Moisturing Soaps.

Bee Pollen Soaps

Bee Pollen Bee pollen is nature's gift for younger looking skin, it contains more than 93 different nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K plus iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, 22 amino acids, 27 mineral salts and more than 5, 000 enzymes. Bee pollen also contains elevated concentrations of nucleic acids which are the building blocks of RNA and DNA. ; the nucleic acid prevents premature aging, while the copper in bee pollen stimulates collagen production to maintain a youthful appearance. Bee Pollen also stimulates cell renewal, promotes increased blood flow to guard against dehydration and smooth away wrinkles, plus reduces skin dryness by acting as a residue-free moisturizer.

Review our different soaps containg bee pollen.

Baby Soaps

Choosing the best baby soap for your newborn can be difficult with the selection of baby soaps that are on the market. Reading ingredients on the label is the best place to start. Many baby soaps & products on the market contain petroleum products and chemical synthetic foaming agents, fragrances and colorants.

Log Home Body Soap Baby Soaps have been specifically formulated to be soothing, mild, gentle  and healthy for a baby’s tender skin. Our Baby Soaps contain natural antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing properties which sooth irritated skin. Log Home Body Soap Baby Soaps are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost the skins health.

Read about our "100% Natural" Baby Soaps.

Acne & Cleansing Soaps

Skin conditions affect 20% - 30% of the population at any one time, many of which are caused from toxins in commercial soaps. Acne is the most common skin disease affecting 85% of people at some point of their lives.


Acne & Cleansing Bar soap formulas are the result of serious research information combined with the natural holistic healing properties of each ingredient. The combination of the ingredients contains natural antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial properties which provide a natural cleansing experience. The addition of specialized ingredients draws toxins and impurities from the skin. Additional properties promote healing, regenerate, rejuvenate and tighten pores, stimulate new cell generation and do not clog pores. The essential oil combination of Tea Tree, Litsea Cubeba and Sage provide a soft, sweet, crisp, cool, slightly spicy, earthy aroma reminiscent to lemons.

 Learn more about our Acne & Cleansing Soaps.

Oatmeal Soaps

Oatmeal in soap is good for your skin; plus provides a number of benefits to people with a number of skin conditions. It is effective in treating both oily skin and dry skin conditions. There are no harsh or drying chemicals that dry or irritate skin.

For individuals with dry skin issues oatmeal in soap helps to balance the ph level of the skin, helps keep the skin moist plus the polysaccharides in oatmeal protect the skin after it is washed.

Individuals with oily skin issues can benefit from the absorbent nature of oatmeal plus it works to remove dead skin cells and extra oil. Oatmeal contains polyphenols which exfoliates the surface cells, benefits acne prone skin and is particularly effective for cystic acne.

From sun and weather damage to skin irritations, oatmeal soap is effective and can be used on skin at any time.

Review the different oatmeal soaps.

Shaving Soaps

“Shaving Soaps” are formulated with skin loving oils which produce a robust shaving lather while moisturizing the skin. The addition of different types of clay (depending on which shaving soap you purchase) adds a slippery silkiness allowing your razor to glide easily over skin reducing the risk razor burn and rashes plus provide an amazing closer shave.  The addition of clays to a shaving soap which provides added slip also reduces whiskers getting clogged in the razor helping to extend the life of the razor blade.


Log Home Body Soap makes multiple varieties of shaving soaps for men and women.

Learn more about Shaving Soaps

Shampoo Bars

“Shampoo Bars” are formulated to provide an amazing hair conditioning experience cleaning your hair naturally without stripping natural oils.  Since individual hair care needs are different our shampoo bars contain different oils, butters, herb infusions and essential oils to leave hair soft, shiny, clean, and most of all healthy. Log Home Body Soap currently makes 3 different shampoo bars with additional bars arriving within the next few months.

Learn more about our shampoo bars

Unscented Soaps

Unscented Soaps are designed for people with sensitive skin and individuals which simply do not want any additional aroma in their soap. We are proud to offer the following soaps for your approval.

1. Castile Soap- true to the original traditional "Castile Soap" our Castile Soap is made from 100% olice oil exclusively. Learn more

2. Calendula Soap-Calendula is known as “The Mother of Skin” with its use dating back over 1000 years. Learn more

3. Chocolate Oatmeal-has a faint chocolate aroma which comes from the natural cocoa butter.

4. Unscented Activated Charcoal

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